We are an approved airwork operator offering a range of services that include:

Film and photography, Aerial spotting and survey, Feral and Diseased Animal Control, Aerial Crane and much more.

Please do not hesitate to call to discuss your requirements.

  • Filming

    As a company we undertake many hundred of hours of aerial film work each year. Our Chief Pilot (Mark Harrold) has flown on a number of large feature films as the features film pilot. We work closely with camera operators and can package a tailor made solution for you.
  • Photography

    Aerial stills photography is a flying discipline we undertake on a regular basis. We offer experienced pilots with the most suitable platforms from which to shoot. Our EC120 and AS350's are stable and agile as provide the ultimate flexibility to the client.
  • Aerial Crane/Lifting

    As we have on staff pilots with in excess of 1000hrs long line sling time we can offer the construction and air conditioning industry in particular an affordable alternative to the use of static cranes.
  • Aerial Obeservation/Survey

    Our tasks have included powerline and gas pipeline surveys, water sampling and rain data collection for both government agencies and private organisations.
  • Flood & Emergency Relief

    Sydney Helicopters assists government agencies like the Rural Fire Service, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and NSW State Emergency Service.
  • Bushfire

    This year we will again provide vital aerial support in the fight against bushfires across NSW.