Our Company

Operating for over 30 years we are Sydney’s premier helicopter service provider, we operate a wide range of aircraft types all housed on site at Parramatta Heliport.

Founded in 1985 we are the longest running commercial helicopter operator in Sydney. Unlike our competitors we own our entire fleet of aircraft totalling 7, we do not operate privately owned third party aircraft. In addition we have our own dedicated helicopter maintenance facility with licensed helicopter engineers on staff.

Our staff are our biggest asset! We have permanent staff engaged in flying, maintenance and Administrative roles. Key staff are listed below:

Mark Harrold (Chief Pilot)

Mark is the Owner and Chief Pilot of Sydney Helicopters. Mark gained his license in 2002 and is endorsed to fly 10 models of helicopter including multi engine. Mark has accumulated many thousands of hours flying external loads including water bombing whilst combating bushfires across NSW as well as precision lifting work on construction sites.
Over the years Mark has developed a strong reputation in the field of aerial film piloting flying on some large block buster movies. Clients include Sony Pictures and Legendary Films from the US. Recent projects include The Shallows, Bleeding Steel, Alien The Covenant, Peter Rabbit and Pacific Rim 2.

Peter Blackburn (Senior Line Pilot)

Peter has been with Sydney Helicopters after obtaining his Commercial Helicopter Licence in 2008. He has obtained a vast amount of experience with VIP/Corporate transfers as well as airwork such as photography, film, gas and powerline inspections and various aspects of bushfire work. Pete is also our internal Safety Officer, working closely with our Safety Manager to ensure ongoing safety and compliance with CASA regulations.

Hugh Johnston (Line Pilot)

Hugh joined Sydney Helicopters in 2012 after graduating from flight training school in Armidale. He is now endorsed on both piston and turbine aircraft operating on charter and airwork jobs including aerial film and photography and survey work. Hugh also manages the Coast Helicopters base located on the Central Coast of NSW.

James Williams (Line Pilot)

James joined Sydney Helicopters in 2013 and operates both piston and turbine helicopters on a range of missions including charter and airwork. James has experience working in remote parts of Australia including WA and the Kimberley.

James Norman (Specialist Pilot)

James (Jim) has been flying since 2000 and has amassed vast experience particularly in the Airwork category of flying. His experience includes aerial fire fighting, flood and emergency relief work, lifting and photography. Jim runs our Mudgee based operation.

Martin White (Specialist Pilot)
Andy Page (Specialist Pilot)
Chris Blackler (Chief Engineer)

Chris gained his licence in 1999 and has been involved with maintaining helicopters for the NZ Airforce before shifting to the private sector maintaining aircraft in NZ, PNG, Africa, Solomon Islands and now with Sydney Helicopters dedicated maintenance company Aerotech Sydney. Chris has vast experience working on single and twin engine turbine helicopters.

Tracey Witherden (Technical Records Manager)

Tracey is responsible for the procuring and tracking of all aircraft parts as well as preparing all the work packs related to aircraft maintenance. Tracey works closely with the Chief Engineer and Chief Pilot. Tracey prior to joining Aerotech Sydney worked for 15 years in the aviation insurance industry.

Larraine Barnes (Office Manager)
Julie Manuel (Accounts)