Sydney Helicopters and the environment

Sydney Helicopters and the environment

Sydney Helicopters are constantly aware of our environment whether it is flying or stationed on the ground. Our workplace is the environment; therefore, it is our responsibility to take care of it.

In fact, nature is one of the reasons we are passionate about our jobs. Not only does it offer us a breathtaking show each time we head to the sky, but it is one of the reasons why people enjoy our scenic flights across Sydney. Exploring and witnessing the generous landscapes our stunning city has to offer is something we need to preserve.

That is why we make it our mission to protect the unique biodiversity of Australia, doing what we can within our means to help reduce our impacts on the environment. Our firm belief is that we need to invest and do what we can so future generations can continue enjoying the land we love.

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Our commitment to the environment

At Sydney Helicopters, we are committed to the sustainability of our environment. We strive to conserve the communities in which we operate. This begins with us acknowledging our moral and legal responsibilities.

Dedicated to improving our practices, we keep the safety of our community and the environment’s sustainability at the forefront of our minds. We want to ensure our operations do not place the local community or environment at risk of harm.

To guarantee this, we continuously review and strengthen our products, services and facilities. It is our goal to evolve and increase our eco-friendly standards, using our power both in the sky and on the ground to make a difference where we can.

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Our environmentally-conscious heliports

Sydney Helicopters proudly have two fully self-sufficient state-of-the-art heliport facilities located in Sydney and Jindabyne. To stay environmentally conscious, we exercise a range of procedures at both bases to build a sustainable workplace.

This includes using renewable energy with solar panels powering the buildings and natural water catchment with supply provided by rain tanks for the business needs. The Snowy Heliport is entirely off-grid, while Penrith is semi off-grid.

We also have an Environment Protection Licence with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) held by Heliport Developers Pty Ltd for us. You can view our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan here.

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Working with key partners

Taking care of the environment is a massive responsibility. Therefore, we join forces where possible to help make our impact even more significant. Working towards a sustainable future, we pledge to work closely with key partners in our journey towards a cleaner environment.

Currently, we are proud supporters of Australia’s most trusted environmental organisation, Planet Ark. In addition to this, we are excited to strengthen our partnerships and continue supporting other critical organisations. We are keen on building more partnerships in the near future.

If you are interested to learn more about our dedication to the environment, please enquire with us. For environmentally related partnerships and collaborations, please get in touch with our team for further discussion.

For all service-related enquiries and bookings, please call our friendly team on (02) 9637 4455.