Travelling in groups by helicopter

Travelling in groups by helicopter

Planning for a group trip? To travel in style, a helicopter ride through Sydney will amaze everyone on board!

But hang on, you might not be too sure whether your group is suited for a flight.

Don’t stress, we have several packages to ensure we could cater for most groups. Our large fleet allows us to prioritise the needs of our clients and be flexible with our services.

To see how Sydney Helicopters can service your group for your next event, continue reading below.

Group of six or fewer members

If you are flying in a small group or as a family of six or less, then Sydney Helicopters can certainly accommodate you.

Depending on your group size, we would recommend our fleet helicopters B206B2, EC120 and AS350FX2. These aircrafts are best for smaller groups and will allow a more intimate trip.

With each unit varying in features, range and cruise speed, we can tailor your trip based on your preferences. Furthermore, all three of these helicopters offer large, clear windows, allowing the whole group to have a stunning view of Sydney.


Regardless of which helicopter you choose, these aircrafts will serve your needs.

Group of six to twelve members

Have a slightly larger group than the average family? No worries, we can cater to your group’s needs as well!

To experience scenic flights through Sydney in a group of six to twelve, we have two helicopters that will let you enjoy the best views around the city.

For those with a group of up to nine members, our EC145 would be the best choice for you as it offers a larger space to fit your group.


Maybe you  are a group more than nine and need a helicopter that can fit up to twelve passengers. If so, then our B412 helicopter is the one for you!

Regardless of which helicopter you choose, both are fitted out with leather seating, allowing your group to relax and feel comfortable throughout the duration of your flight.

Group exceeding twelve members

For those with large groups that exceed twelve members, good news! We can tailor a flight for you! With our fleet, we will cater to all members of your group and ensure that everyone will get to witness the amazing experience of a helicopter ride through Sydney.

From weddings to tour packages and general group charters, we can use several helicopters in our fleet to ensure your group promptly arrives in style. Depending on your group size, we will decide which helicopters should be used to best fulfil your desires and needs.


When flying with Sydney Helicopters, we assure you that all group standards are met. This means we will cater to all groups, whether small or large, and guarantee a safe and fun flight for all those involved.

Want to see where you can take your group for your next adventure? Go ahead and give us a call on (02) 9637 4455.