5 occasions that are perfect for a helicopter ride

5 occasions that are perfect for a helicopter ride

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to make a special occasion a little bit more special. Whether you’re local or just visiting, helicopter flights in Sydney could be just the thing you’re looking for. You can get the best view of the city without the crowds and get a lot closer to the action than a plane could take you.

Here are a few things that would be made even more exciting with the help of a helicopter.

Family holidays

Keeping the kids excited about being in a new or different place can be easy, but you might find their initial excitement and interest wears off after a while. This can make it hard to keep them intrigued and entertained. Luckily, one of our helicopter tours of Sydney can do just that!

Something the whole family can enjoy; helicopter rides are a thrilling experience that is perfect for a family holiday for local and international tourists. It will be sure to be remembered as a highlight of the trip. It will also make for a great story with spectacular images to tell and show your friends once you get back home!

family trips


Your honeymoon will be one of the most memorable trips in your life. If Sydney is your chosen honeymoon destination or if it is part of your trip, you will want to make sure a helicopter ride is on your to-do list! A helicopter tour will make your trip even more memorable, no matter the final destination.

To indulge, we suggest letting us take you and your loved one to the Hunter Valley, where you can immerse yourself in some of the best wineries in Australia! There are also weekend getaway experiences that can take you to secluded and stunning locations away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Giving an experience as a gift can be one of the most memorable choices of all! Looking for a birthday present they won’t forget? Gift them with a helicopter flight! As long as the birthday boy or girl doesn’t mind heights, this is bound to be a present they will never forget.

With tours ranging from the amazing sights of Sydney Harbour to Sydney’s best beaches and even pub tours through the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley, there is truly an experience for everyone. Plus, if you are unsure of the date they would prefer, you could always gift them with a voucher, so that they can choose a convenient time for themselves!


Can you remember exactly where you went to dinner for each of your anniversaries? We don’t! Instead of going out for another romantic dinner, step up your game and go big by adding a helicopter into the mix!

By using a helicopter ride to mark your special day, it will be something you’ll never forget. From flying to a surprise location to simply taking in the sights our iconic city has to offer, there are many ways you can use our fleet to celebrate your milestone. Go on, give your loved one an anniversary that soars above all the rest!

family trips

Valentine’s Day

Just like your anniversary, if you are looking to take your romance up to a new height, organise a memorable Valentine’s date with the assistance of a helicopter! There is something private about soaring in the sky through a helicopter, making it an intimate moment for you and your partner to enjoy up in the clouds.

A romantic getaway with one of our overnight stays of luxury day trips may be what you and your partner desire for further brownie points. You could even arrange for our charter services to whisk you away to a private destination! With several options, follow your heart’s desire.

While these occasions are a great excuse to take to the sky, there doesn’t need to be a special occasion for you to treat your loved one, friend or family to a flight they will remember forever! Surprises can be made even more exciting when they’re experienced from totally new heights.

If you want to book a reputable helicopter flight, trust Sydney Helicopters. We’ve been helping people create lasting memories for more than 30 years with our helicopter flights. If you want to make your next occasion extra special, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call on (02) 9637 4455 to book a flight you won’t forget.