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Travelling in groups by helicopter

Planning for a group trip? To travel in style, a helicopter ride through Sydney will amaze everyone on board! But hang on, you might not be too sure whether your group is suited for a flight. Don’t stress, we have several packages to ensure we could cater for most groups. Our large fleet allows us […]

Helicopter rides – the gift from above

Are you looking for a unique gift that comes with a once in a lifetime experience? Look no further than a helicopter ride through Sydney. Purchase one of our deluxe tours available or gift one of our scenic flights in Sydney for your loved one. If you aren’t too sure which tour they would enjoy […]

What to remember before you take off

Have you recently booked a helicopter ride in Sydney? Or are you about to go on a scenic helicopter tour? Before you fly, it is best to be prepared and know what to bring to ensure you get the most out of your trip. Below, we did a quick rundown to remind you what to […]

Best places to visit in Sydney from the sky

With its gorgeous beaches and iconic harbour, Sydney provides plenty of breath-taking attractions that tourists and its own residents can visit. Here at Sydney Helicopters, we love to provide scenic flights in Sydney and give our customers a view and experience they have yet to see before. For your next adventure, here are our top […]

What sort of weather will we fly in?

In Australia, helicopter flights are governed by some of the most stringent safety regulations, with helicopters having to be built to be as safe as possible and pilots having to go through a lot of learning and many hours of training before they can be deemed capable of flying a helicopter. However, despite all of […]