Different types of helicopters used around Sydney

Different types of helicopters used around Sydney

Did you know we operate several different models of helicopters?

As we cater to smaller and larger groups, it is vital we have a variety of top market helicopters on base to ensure we can deliver all our customers’ requirements.

Same goes for our range of services. To provide flexibility and variety, we must have different helicopters available so we can meet all expectations.

When it comes to our fleet, as much as they differ, they all have one thing in common – they are powered by turbine engines.

Being a more efficient and reliable engine, we only rely on this, with no piston helicopters included in our fleet.

Ranging from single to twin turbine engines, we outline the different helicopters you may see us flying around Sydney below.

Bell 206 B2 (B206B2)

Small and zippy, our Bell 206 B2 makes the perfect ride when you need to get to an event with time to spare.

Though it is the lightest and smallest member in our fleet, this helicopter is a proven asset that is a force to be reckoned with.

This helicopter is great for small intimate groups who are looking to explore Sydney, with large sliding windows and voice-activated headsets allowing you to enjoy an interactive flight.

Fitting up to four passengers and a pilot per trip, this would make the ideal date transfer as it fits up to four passengers and a pilot per trip.


Bell 412

Bell 412 is an extremely versatile, medium-class twin engine that has the largest seating capacity.

With three in our fleet, each one can hold 14 passengers PLUS the pilot. Meaning, not only is one of these well suited for group helicopter flights, but all three can join forces and cater to the largest of group transfers.

Going past the standard charter, our Bell 412s make the ultimate assistant in Airwork missions. As they can be equipped with a rescue winch or an external hook and long line, it is perfect for lift, search and rescue missions.

Furthermore, it has a 1500lt belly tank, making it helpful in emergencies that need waterbombing and flood relief.


AS350 Squirrel (AS350FX2)

Being the most versatile light helicopter available on the market, the AS350 Squirrel is immensely flexible and a great asset to our fleet.

With the ability to undertake VIP charters and a large range of Airwork missions, this model is one that can be used for all purposes.

Due to its modern leather interior and voice-activated passenger headsets, this offers one of the best helicopter experiences in the game.

It is also the only helicopter in its class that has all passengers facing forward.

To make scenic flights across Sydney extra special, this is the best choice. It has large windows to provide all passengers with astounding views.

Furthermore, this particular model can film, lift, survey and assist in emergency work due to its amazing capabilities.

With the ability to be fitted with external baskets and pods for any extra luggage and gear, the AS350 Squirrel is your one-stop-shop.

And not to mention, it has the highest range out of all our fleet, sitting at 700 km. No wonder we have four of these in our fleet!


Now you’ve gotten to know our fleet, why not be introduced in real life! Be the judge and book a helicopter tour with Sydney Helicopters today!

From exploring the iconic harbour to the luscious valleys further in, our helicopters will always deliver you the best experience possible.

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