Helicopters – the perfect date addition

Helicopters – the perfect date addition

Love is in the air! That’s right, Valentine’s Day is nearly here, making now the perfect time to distinguish how helicopters can be the perfect addition to your date night!

If you are looking for that missing wow-factor to add to your next date, a helicopter might just be the answer! 

Helicopter rides provide an exciting and glamorous experience that will be a highlight both you and your partner can cherish forever. The perfect mix of adventure and a sense of luxury, a picturesque helicopter ride through Sydney can only enhance your romantic plans.

Whether you wanted to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day experience or simply create a date night that you and your partner will never forget, Sydney Helicopters can help make your dream a reality. 

For some ideas on how you can utilise helicopters in your date, keep reading.

Take a helicopter as your date night transfer

Have a romantic day or night-out planned? Surprise your partner by arriving at your location in style with our helicopter transfers! 

If your destination has enough room for us to land (with permission, of course), this can be a great way to really make an impression. 

You can give your partner an extravagant date they will never forget by having multiple surprises in store for them. Why not start with a helicopter ride! Your partner will definitely be taken by surprise when they come face-to-face with a helicopter.

Not only will this make your transfer to and from your date location quicker, but it will provide you with entertainment during the trip. 

Sit back, relax and spend time taking in the views with your significant other, rather than focusing on driving yourself. Same goes on the way back, where you can enjoy the sights you may have missed on the initial trip.

Take a helicopter as your date night transfer

Find a romantic backdrop with a scenic flight

Searching for the perfect view that will make their jaw drop? Ditch the cliché lookout and opt for the sky! Instead of driving to a typical lookout, you can instead book one of our scenic flights and fly around Sydney

By heading to the sky, you’ll not only find an impressive view, but you’ll get a varying perspective, unique to your trip. Unlike a scenic lookout, helicopters are mobile, delivering you an array of new and interesting sights to take in.

Not to mention, a scenic flight provides a vast range of scenes to enjoy. With a panorama view, you can take in the iconic Sydney Harbour, Blue Mountains or one of the city’s famous beaches. 

With an array of scenic flights on offer, you can select a romantic vista suited for you and your beloved partner.

Choose one of our helicopter tours for a memorable experience

Were you looking for an experience that goes beyond the air? Opt for one of our extended helicopter tours!

At Sydney Helicopters, we have integrated many high-class hospitality venues into our extended tours. We are proud to offer many romantic opportunities through our lunch flights, pub tours and overnight experiences.

A truly luxurious experience, couples can choose to visit a large selection of renowned venues whilst getting the deluxe encounter of a helicopter ride. This means not only will you indulge in an already-impressive itinerary, but you will also witness the unrivalled views only a helicopter can deliver, too.

With an array of tours, you will be sure to find a trip that is ideal for you as a couple.

Ready to book your helicopter experience? Servicing the Sydney area with helicopter flights covering various scenic tours and day trips, we have the perfect package for your next date.

To find out more on our helicopter services, visit our website or give our friendly staff a call on (02) 9637 4455.