Night flying vs flying in the day

Night flying vs flying in the day

When it comes to flying helicopters, Sydney Helicopters is the team you want on your side. Not only do we have a fantastic selection of helicopter flights, but we also offer an extensive service that provides both daytime and night-time flying.

Although both times offer a spectacular view no matter the hour of the day, they are dramatically different when it comes to flying. From different requirements to other varying factors that can impact one’s flying experience, night and day offer two completely separate adventures.

To see why the time of day makes a difference, keep reading below.

The different services

Are you looking for a particular helicopter service? It is good to know which service is offered at which time of the day so you know what to expect.

Our scenic flights in Sydney are conducted during the day. This allows us to use a wide range of our aircraft to suit your group needs, but it also delivers you exclusive heightened views. Plus, it fits the opening hours of the destinations included in our pub and lunch tours!

As for charters and airwork, these services can be offered during night or day. We understand our clients have needs and specific purposes, which may depend on time. This is especially true for our services that can be used for emergencies.

For particular occasions, times can change and will vary depending on the event. For example, our previous Vivid Light Festival flights were strictly night-only.  It was an evening event and the exhibits could only be witnessed during a night flight, making this night exclusive.

When comparing the two, which time you fly depends on your requirement or desired service.

The different services

The restrictions

There are different restrictions when it comes to flying during the day and at night.

During the daytime, the noise and flying requirements are not as restrictive. When flying in daylight hours, the rules are fairly standard and expected per the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations.

However, flying through the night is a whole new ballgame. At Sydney Helicopters, our professionally trained pilots are certified to conduct night flights. This is critical as flying out of daylight hours is a different experience.

Not only is your visibility impacted, but the quietness of the night needs to be maintained. Just like airports, there are time limits and restrictions that change flying requirements. This can alter the whole flying experience and the procedure of certain flights.

For example, because of the noise restrictions, all flights conducted at night need to be at a higher altitude than during daylight hours. The types of aircraft we fly will also vary, determined by the selected service and group size.

To narrow it down, night flying is more restrictive than day flying.

The restrictions

The experience

The most noticeable difference between flying in the day and at night is the level of visibility provided. While this is the common reason for the varying comparison in terms of restrictions, it also impacts your flying experience.

During the day, you can marvel at places as far as the eye can see due to strong clarity. The daylight provides a brightness that allows you to take in the city and all that surrounds it. From transparency in bodies of water to exposed nooks of the mountains, the light shows all.

On the other end of the spectrum, the visibility at night cloaks more of your view. Due to the darkness and lack of light, you cannot see as much as you can in the day. However, while a helicopter ride through Sydney during the day offers an extensive and spectacular view, there is something unmatched about flying in the nighttime sky.

The city is quieter, everything is darker and the luminous lights you cannot witness in daylight create a whole new atmosphere. Seeing the moonlight reflected across the ocean and the lights of buildings and roadways sprinkled beneath you is a view that will leave you breathless.

In short, either time has something to offer that the other cannot deliver.

Have more questions about flying at certain times of the day? Please send us an enquiry! With several helicopter services on offer, our team will be happy to assist with your needs. Whether you need a charter or want to book a future scenic tour, visit our website or give us a call on (02) 9637 4455.