Surprising ways helicopters can be used

Surprising ways helicopters can be used

When it comes to helicopters, Sydney Helicopters loves to deliver a once in a lifetime experience of flying in a helicopter ride through Sydney.

But did you know that there is more to the aircraft than your standard helicopter tours?

That’s right! Being a smaller and zippier alternative to the bigger airplane, helicopters have a bunch of uses that make them a convenient and handy mode of transportation.

Not sure what else a helicopter can do? Its various uses may surprise you! Keep reading to find out more ways helicopters can be used beyond our tours.

Firefighting & flood relief

Devastating disasters often impact not just Sydney, but all of Australia. Fires and floods are frequent tragedies that come with the harsh and unpredictable Australian climate.

Where a lot of firefighters and SES members battle the disaster from the ground, there are other mechanisms used to contain the situation.

From up above, helicopters are used as a tactic for bushfire and flood support.

Doing our part to combat natural disasters, Sydney Helicopters offers our very own aircraft to NSW and ACT fire agencies to help contain fires in these areas.

We have also supplied our aircraft to assist communities impacted by floods.

Helicopters can be a fantastic tool in such disasters as it allows a larger defence through aerial water bombing and rescuing stranded victims.

They can also act as a mode of transport to assist with crew deployment in bushfire zones and evacuate families from flood-stricken communities.


Medical purposes

Just like firefighting, helicopters can be used for another form of emergency services – medical assistance.

Due to their quick speed and ability to get to tougher, more remote locations, helicopters, also known as air ambulances, are often used to get to a scene.

Whether there is an incident in an isolated place or a critically injured person needs to get to a specialised hospital, helicopters can be used in many instances to get to certain locations around a city and state.

It is also handy for reaching locations that can’t be accessed by roads such as mountains or the sea.

This is a helpful tool and mode of transport used in rescue missions as well. There are many services out there that use helicopters to provide aid to rural communities within Australia.


Media uses

An unexpected role of helicopters is their service in the media. And we don’t just mean when you see a helicopter in a film or an ad – these aircrafts can play a big part behind the scenes!

When film crews need to get a high angle or a large panning shot for an opening scene, helicopter flights are the ultimate solution.

Being able to reach heights further than a crane, helicopters can deliver camera views unlike any other.

Our fleet is equipped with the latest gyro-stabilised camera gimbals, allowing videographers and photographers alike to get the winning shot they need.

Whether it be film, television, advertising, photography or real estate, there are many ways helicopters can be used for media purposes.

At Sydney Helicopters, we are proud to have serviced and assisted in quality media projects. To view productions and events we have taken part of, view our filming page.


It is clear to see that helicopters have a valuable contribution to the community that goes beyond our leisurely helicopter tours through Sydney.

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