The importance of helicopter transfers for work

The importance of helicopter transfers for work

When it comes to A-B travel, helicopters play an essential alternative to standard car transport. 

With many advantages, this form of travel is incredibly beneficial and can make all the difference when it comes to going to work.

For one, using our helicopter transfer services for work purposes won’t just completely alter and fix one’s work schedule, but it will also provide a considerable list of positives that will overall help your work in the long run.

See precisely why helicopter transfers are essential for work-related travel and how they can benefit your team. 

Heli-transfers provide access to remote locations

Whether you work in corporate or trade, there can be some locations you need to visit while on the job that is just too hard to access by car.

But with a helicopter transfer, it is a whole different situation. For those isolated, hard-to-reach places, our helicopters can help you get closer by finding a clearing safe to land nearby. This makes your job much more accessible and travels much faster.

Heli-transfers provide access to remote locations

Heli-transfers allows single day back and forth travel

Do you have a business meeting or convention a few hours away? If you were to opt for train or car travel, getting to your destination and back the same day can be challenging and, in some cases, unrealistic.

But when boarding our helicopter flights, we can cut down on the travel time. It will be possible and easier to go back and forth to your destination in less time. 

This way, you don’t need to stay overnight and can be back in the comfort of your own home, thanks to our dedicated transfer services.

Heli-transfers provide better time management

A lengthy car ride doesn’t have to get between you and your destination – you can cut down the travel time with a helicopter transfer and ultimately save yourself time in general!

By flying and avoiding terrain and roads, you spend less time on travel. 

In fact, helicopters are nearly 2-3 times faster than a car, making an hour car trip from Sydney take half the time. This is incredibly advantageous for early morning events, making your time easier to manage.

Heli-transfers can provide group transfers

Although private cars can fit several passengers, our helicopter transfers can cater to larger groups. The larger aircraft in our fleet can hold up to 14 passengers – this is more than a stretch limo!

This means if you need to transfer a large group of members to a corporate event, meeting or site inspection, a helicopter transfer is your best bet. 

On top of that, you also get a quicker travel time and a fantastic view while in transit.

Now you see the benefits of opting for a helicopter ride in Sydney for work purposes; it is time to book! Offering professional and reliable A-B charters, we can help you reach your destination while saving travel time.

Do you and your business a favour and don’t settle for a car when it comes to distanced travel. Get the best and travel with class!

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