The services offered at Sydney Helicopters

The services offered at Sydney Helicopters

At Sydney Helicopters, helicopters are our passion. We have been taking to the skies since we were founded in 1985, delivering our customers with a professional service they can trust.

But did you know we offer more than just helicopter tours across Sydney? Unlike our competitors, we own our fleet, meaning with have more flexibility and services to offer. Over decades of service, we have provided countless customers with a range of helicopter services in addition to our tours.

Are you looking for a helicopter service? Check out our range of services below to see if our team can assist you.

Sydney helicopter tours

Our most popular service is our scenic helicopter tours across Sydney. Our tours are perfect for those wanting to explore the city from a new height and for visiting tourists wanting to cover as much as they can. Our range of tours is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We offer a range of scenic tours that allow you to witness the city’s most iconic landmarks and expansive landscapes. Sydney is most picturesque from the sky, from the iconic coasts and our golden shores to our deep valleys of the rugged mountain regions.

Do you want a more extensive tour? Our range of lunch flights allows you to enjoy one of our fine dining establishments or a classic Aussie-pub feed during a stop mid-flight. This way, you get exceptional views plus an exclusive dining experience!

We also offer overnight experiences flights for those wanting a luxurious adventure! We provide you with the option to escape reality by boarding a helicopter and soaring away for a night or two. With luxury accommodation and meals included, you won’t just get breathtaking views, you’ll experience a once-in-a-lifetime getaway!

Airwork services

High up in the sky, helicopters have the advantage of fantastic views. Not only can you see far and wide, but you have an excellent overview of the ground, making it an appealing sight for a wide range of purposes.

Because of our airwork services, many businesses in a vast range of industries require our services for filming and photography. We closely work with some of the most experienced still photographers, with our three-bladed rotor systems offering a stable platform. Helicopters provide great photographs for real estate portfolios, tourism, advertising and more.

Our aircraft is equipped to carry the latest gyro stabilised camera gimbals for quality footage when it comes to filming. In addition to our quality camera system and night VFR equipped fleet, our pilots are all experienced in aerial filming, delivering outstanding results. Film footage we can capture include:

• Landscape/scenery
• Action
• Air to air
• Production shots

So far, Sydney Helicopters has had the pleasure of providing our aircraft and filming amenities for blockbuster movie productions, tv commercials, tv productions and event coverage.

But that isn’t all – our advantageous perspective goes beyond media purposes. It can be used for aerial craning and lifting, moving items into tricky situations that vehicles on the ground couldn’t reach or support. It also allows us to provide aerial surveying and observing, overseeing structures and providing inspections or aerial imagery.

Emergency relief and support

Flying in the sky offers an advantage that services from the ground cannot access. In urgent matters, helicopters can provide relief during emergencies and disaster events such as bushfires and flooding. Our height and birds-eye approach offer a tactical angle and viewpoint that is exclusive to aircraft.

Bushfire relief is an essential service we often use our fleet for. In a country as hot and dry as Australia, it isn’t unusual for fires to appear every so often. Every year, we supply aircraft to the NSW and ACT Fire Agencies and the National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC).

To help control and contain out of control fires, our helicopters are used for aerial water bombing to release water onto the fire. This is extremely useful for fires in remote areas of the state that is hard to reach by foot or car. We are also utilised to assist with crew deployment.

Our fleet is often engaged by the NSW State Emergency Services (SES) in terms of floods. Helicopters help rescue the community when roads and other access points are submerged or stranded. We provide our aircraft for evacuation, community resupply and deployment of personnel and equipment.

helicopter flights

Helicopter charters

In Sydney, traffic can be hectic. Getting from point A to point B on congested roads can sometimes take triple the time it should, especially during peak hours. That is why helicopter charters can be a more desirable transport option.

What can take hours to reach via road access can take half the time travelling through the air. Covering more distance in a shorter time, helicopters make a great solution for long-distance travel in a short time.

Do you have a work meeting up the coast? Or do you need to get to a remote location in a short period quickly? A helicopter can be the ultimate solution!
With our fleet, we can provide charters to both small and large groups. By utilising our larger helicopters or incorporating multiple aircraft, we can transfer your group with no issue.

Event transfers

As part of our helicopter charters, event transfers are also a popular helicopter service we offer. In a large city like Sydney, there are often events not just in the city but also in surrounding regions you want to arrive in style.

For significant events, we can organise transfers to and from so you can make it a complete experience you’ll never forget. Currently, we provide exclusive flights to horse racing events and the annual Repco Bathurst 1000 racing.

Sydney Helicopters is proud to be the exclusive operator for the Repco Bathurst 1000. In addition to VIP transfers, we also provide scenic hot laps, allowing you to watch the race in the best seat in the house!

Are you looking to make an impact at an event such as your wedding? Let us take you there! Make a grand entrance and impression at your wedding. Let us drop you off and pick you up in our luxury appointed helicopters, leaving guests in awe. This is perfect for the bride and groom and the bridal party too. Read more about our wedding transfers here.

helicopter flights

Now that you know about all the different types of helicopter flights we offer at Sydney Helicopters, it is time to take to the sky! We can’t wait to deliver you a world-class experience while you overlook the gorgeous city of Sydney.

For all enquiries, visit our website. One of our friendly staff will get back to you with further information.

For all bookings, please call us on (02) 9637 4455.