Top five features about flying in our helicopters

Top five features about flying in our helicopters

When it comes to exploring Sydney, nothing beats a helicopter ride. Not only do you see the city from a whole new perspective, but you get to travel in style.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a visitor or resident – helicopter flights around Sydney will impress you no matter what. But how can you make sure you are going with the right company?

As Sydney’s longest-running commercial helicopter company, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional customer service. Operating for over 30 years, we have proudly been providing the city with reliable helicopter services and tours.

But above our history and reputation, we have features that are exclusive when flying in our fleet. Discover the features you get when flying with Sydney Helicopters by reading below.

Our helicopters can cater to large groups

An impressive feature that makes us incredibly flexible is our ability to cater to a range of passenger groups. Whether you want a small intimate couple’s trip or a large group outing, our tours and charter services exceed the number of passengers most competitors offer.

Our fleet ranges in size, with our Bell 412s, catering to a pilot and up to 14 passengers. This allows us to fly the largest of groups with no problems. For those with more than 14 members, we can utilise multiple helicopters to assist your group’s needs.

We have options when it comes to landing our helicopters

When flying with Sydney Helicopters, one of the features you get when choosing us is the flexibility we have in landing locations. While we mainly fly from our private heliport in Rose Hill, we also have other alternative options for the most convenient travel. 

For those closer to the Central Coast, we have services that fly from our Erina heliport. We can also offer a departure option from Sydney Airport in Mascot for those closer to the city. Upon official approval, we can offer pick up from private or public locations with the proper requirements for further convenience.

For more on tailored landing and pick-up destinations, please discuss with our friendly staff on (02) 9637 4455.

You get real-time in-flight commentary

One of the best features you get when flying with Sydney Helicopters is our entertaining commentary. Our pilots are trained professionals who are incredibly skilled in what they do, but what sets them apart from others is their deep knowledge of the regions we fly in.

As an interactive feature, our pilots help you get the most out of your trip with their interesting facts and commentary. Don’t miss a thing as we provide a verbal guide on the location and landmarks we are flying by in all our scenic flights across Sydney.

Our helicopters are well-maintained and serviced

A feature we are proud to highlight is our well-maintained and serviced fleet. This is a vital feature as it gives you peace of mind and security when flying with our company. It also allows us to guarantee our fleet meets the highest of industry standards.

Not only do we require our pilots to undergo continuous improvement, checks and training, we also have our dedicated maintenance facility and staff. This means we don’t rely on external processes. It allows us to personally stay on top of our safety requirements with our private team, who work on our aircraft on a daily basis.

Our helicopters are well-maintained and serviced

We offer a large selection of helicopter tours and services

In a city that is as beautiful as ours, we strive to offer as many tour options as possible. One of the most significant features that differentiate us from other helicopter companies is our wide variety of flight tours offered in Sydney.

Offering spectacular scenic flights, incredible overnight stays and mouth-watering lunch and pub tours, you have an array of flights to pick from. Not only does this allow more breathtaking experiences, but it means more choices and options to suit your wants and budget.

Now you know what Sydney Helicopters has to offer you, it is time to browse our extensive range of tours and services! Discover the helicopter experiences waiting for you. Visit our website and book your tour today.

For any enquiries, give our team a call on (02) 9637 4455.