What to look for in a helicopter tours company

August 28, 2018 • 2 min read

When going on a helicopter tour, you want to be sure that you’re flying with the best company. As it’s an experience you’ll never forget, you want to have maximum comfortability and peace of mind throughout the whole process and flight itself. When looking for helicopter flights in Sydney, here’s why you should fly with us.


A qualified company with a lot of experience is definitely one that you can trust. With a multidisciplinary team, a fleet consisting of 6 helicopters and our very own maintenance facility, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

From flying around Sydney Harbour, to the Blue Mountains, to the beautiful wineries in the Hunter Valley, our 30+ years of experience has allowed us to develop the best service possible!


With activities like helicopter tours in Sydney, where some may be venturing out of their comfort zone, it’s imperative that the company running the tour communicates well. Making everyone feel safe and ensuring they have a comfortable experience is key.

Also communicated clearly should be everything the service entails and what exactly the client is purchasing. Smooth, transparent operations are an essential part of good customer service, something we always maintain.


The number one priority when it comes to these tours. A company with an audited Safety Management System is the way to go. Always make sure the company you select is approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, a government body who regulate Australian aviation safety.

Due to our Quality Management System, which involves regular in-house maintenance of our own fleet, we are grateful for our excellent safety record since we were established. A lot of our competitors use third party maintenance providers so may not get their helicopters serviced as often.


A company who supplies more than just helicopter tours is guaranteed to provide great service, especially one that gives back to the community. We’ve engaged in both bushfire support and flood & emergency relief. We’ve also supplied crew and aircraft for popular film and TV productions, so our services are very versatile.

So if you’re after a helicopter ride in Sydney, we at Sydney Helicopters are here to help. We’ve continued to provide great service for over 30 years and will keep doing so in all areas of aviation. Any inquiries? Feel free to give us a call today on 9637 4455!