What to remember before you take off

What to remember before you take off

Have you recently booked a helicopter ride in Sydney? Or are you about to go on a scenic helicopter tour? Before you fly, it is best to be prepared and know what to bring to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

Below, we did a quick rundown to remind you what to bring on your next helicopter ride and what to do before you get to the heliport.

What to wear

For flying, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes and footwear. Though you won’t be flying at an extreme height, our helicopters have heating and air conditioning that allows it to mimic ground temperature.

We recommend bringing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunlight, allowing you to see the beautiful views below without uninterrupted vision.

What to wear

Avoid wearing light-coloured clothing during summer since it absorbs heat quickly. If the weather is cold during that day, a sweater would do just nicely. Plus, dark-coloured clothes look better in photos!

If you get motion sickness

Even if you suffer from motion sickness, you shouldn’t have to miss out on an amazing experience. That is why when going on a helicopter tour or a scenic flight through Sydney, we recommend asking your doctor for motion sickness tablets before the flight.

Professional pilots who operate our helicopters ensure a smooth flight to minimise motion sickness. We also have forward-facing seats which provide comfort to passengers who are prone to get nauseous.

A handy tip to also keep in mind is to focus on the horizon and not to read while in the air!

What to bring

To get the most out of your helicopter tour, we recommend bringing a camera! With the gorgeous views you’ll see on your trip, it would be a shame not to get them on camera to show your family and friends.

Same goes for your phone. We recommend bringing either or—if you’re a real pro—both, to capture these memories forever.

Bring any medication you may need from asthma puffers to motion sickness tablets. This is highly advised to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight. We also advise leaving any loose hanging items at home or in the car if you can.

How to calm those nerves

You don’t want to let any nerves stop you from an experience of a lifetime. An important thing to remember is that you are very safe in our helicopters. Our pilots are professionally trained to ensure the safest flights possible. Sydney Helicopters are quality endorsed by ISO9001 with our pilots who have undertaken both company and factory training.

How to calm those nerves

Also, to avoid any possible danger, we will delay and reschedule flights if the weather isn’t safe to fly in—you’re in safe hands with us!

For more questions, please visit our FAQS page.

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