Why Sydney looks better from the sky

Why Sydney looks better from the sky

Home to many iconic landscapes, Sydney is a marvellous destination that beholds much to witness.

When it comes to exploring our glorious city, many opt to go on foot or by car. But for an unrestricted experience, opting for the sky is the most unique option.

But why does Sydney look better from the sky? Well, for multiple reasons! A breathtaking location like Sydney is a broad region that offers a vast list of popular spots to be enjoyed.

By taking off in one of our helicopter flights, you’ll get more from your experience than you would on terrain.

Discover why our city is most appreciated from a higher point by reading below.

You can see Sydney properly from the sky

While many sights can be seen and experienced from the ground, nothing beats viewing a location from up in the sky. Not only are the views spectacular, but the vision you unlock from this new perspective is unreal.

Your view of the city expands as you hover from the coast, gifting you with an exclusive reach that can only be witnessed up high.

With the broadened view, you’ll be able to see Sydney without any interruptions. Unlike on the ground, where often obstructions like tall buildings and pedestrian surround you.

A helicopter flight will give you a peaceful and uninterrupted experience to see Sydney in the way it deserves, with open air and no crowds. When up in the sky’s open range, no high rises and crowds are stopping you from the glory that is the renowned destination we adore.

There are some instances you can get a closer look

Just because you are in a helicopter doesn’t mean your view will be distant and from afar! In fact, some of our scenic flights through Sydney may bring you closer to world-famous landmarks than possible from the ground.

Certain lookouts can only get you so far; the access our helicopters provide allows a whole new experience. By taking flight through one of our tours, you’ll be flown by our expert pilots to vantage points where you can relish some of our most magical sites.

Whether it be just over the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or a short reach from the iconic Three Sisters, you’ll still get to witness some of the city’s highlights up close and personal like never before.

You can appreciate the coast and inland at the same time

When visiting or exploring Sydney, not often can you tick off the iconic harbour, stunning coast and wonderous mountains all in one short period. You can do all this and in record time by taking a flight instead!

Perfect for those moments where you only have a day or few hours to spare, a helicopter ride in Sydney can help you get the most out of your time. On a speedy flight, you’ll be able to take in the main highlights of our city in an impressive time!

Offering various scenic flights, those looking to cover both sides of Sydney can pick an extensive helicopter ride or lunch tour covering multiple locations around the city. To see our tours and where they fly, check out our scenic flights.

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With decades of experience, you can trust Sydney Helicopters to deliver you a safe and enjoyable experience.