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Where can you land a helicopter?

Helicopters – the perfect mode of transportation when you have to get in the air but need to land in tighter areas. The best thing about transporting through helicopters is that you get a breathtaking view from the sky, while avoiding the restrictions of roads and getting there in a quicker amount of time. There’s […]

Holidaying locally

With the current global environment and travel restrictions in place, the idea of going on a holiday may seem out of reach. But just because you can’t go too far from your hometown doesn’t mean you can’t have a holiday! Instead of pining for a faraway destination, we encourage you to look into locations nearby […]

Where you have seen Sydney Helicopters

As Sydney’s longest-running commercial helicopter company, you bet our aircraft look familiar. Flying around since 1985, the Sydney Helicopter’s logo has been a common character in the Sydney sky for decades now. Do you think you have seen our helicopters before? You may just have! Our helicopters have been out and about for many different […]

Getting there: car vs helicopter

Are you planning an extravagant event? Whether you’re in a pinch and need to get somewhere far in a short amount of time or want to feel like a celebrity, travelling by helicopter is a far better alternative to a car. Not only is it a more glamorous option, but it also has numerous perks […]

The main areas that we fly in

At Sydney Helicopters, we travel all around Sydney and the surrounding regions including south, north and west. We offer several thrilling and memorable helicopter flights in Sydney that show off some of the greatest sights Australia has to offer! From scenic flights in Sydney Harbour to a luxury getaway to the Hunter Valley, we have […]